Health Benefits of a Good Night Sleep….!

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Take a look around us and we will find people more conscious about their health like never before.There is a sudden spurt in number of gymnasium, health clubs, yoga centers, cycling groups, diet programs, sports activities, et all. We undertake all possible steps during our conscious active state to maintain and refurbish our health, but what about the remaining part of the day when we are inactive and our mind unconscious. That’s when we sleep. Thousands of research and theories have proved the direct link between sleep and health. It is indeed surprising when health conscious people do little about their sleep. A healthy lifestyle without a healthy sleep is a half job done.

Sleep is the most fundamental and important element in health care. Let’s take a quick look how sleep influences your health.

1.Weight Control

It is scientifically proven that an adequate sound sleep helps in controlling weight for all, frominfants to adults. It reduces your excessive food intake. Sleep well, stay fit.

2.Stay Smart and Productive

An adequate sleep activates brain cells which makes you more alert and productive. It enhances your problem solving skills and memory. It also enhances your physical performance.

3.Keep Heart Healthy

Yes. A good amount of sleep (6 to 8 hours) will keep your heart healthy and reduce the risk of chronic heart ailments like a stroke.

4.Control Blood Sugar

An adequate amount of sleep retains insulin sensitivity and reduces risk of type 2 diabetes. Sleep well and have blood sugar in place.

5.Regain Mental Strength

A sound sleep increases your ability to interact socially and be emotionally active. It makes you mentally more healthy and safe guards an individual from entering into depression.

6.Reduce Calorie Intake

A good quality sleep regulates your appetite. A person tends to control food and calorie intake and stays active and fit.

7.Regain Immunity

A sound sleep helps in buildingbody immunity. Its keeps common viral infections and body immune to viral infections likecold.

8.Stay Young

a good night sleep keeps your skin healthy and young. During sleep more proteins is produced which further repair the damaged skin cells. So sleep adequate if you want to stay young for long!

9.Heal Faster

Ever wonder when you are hurt or ill, doctor asks you to take rest. Human body repairs tissues, blood vessels and develops muscles during sleep. A good sleep helps you heal faster.

10.Holistic Growth for Kids

Growth hormones are released during sleep.It is important for a healthy mental and physical growth of kids to sleep adequately.

Apart from these, there are multiple other advantages of adequate sleep.  We, at Magenta Mattresses are committed to deliver sound sleeping experience to our users. Magenta mattresses are scientifically designed after thorough research on sleeping patterns of people of different age groups. Each aspect of a Magenta mattress, starting from raw material, to sleep experience is crafted keeping in mind the long term health advantage to our users. So adapt to a sound sleeping habit and invest in right sleep solutions.  Contact our sleep expert to help you in selecting the right mattress suitable to your sleep pattern.