Magenta Frozigel – Gel Foam based Mattress for a Cool Sleep Experience

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A lot have been written and researched on sleep and health. With the world getting more conscious towards their sleep need, a need for right sleep solution is felt like never before. The market is flooded with multiple mattress optionslike coir based, spring based, bonded and foam based, etc. The users are still ill-informed about the right genuine mattress they should choose from a plethora of options. To an extent of solving this conundrum, Magenta have introduced a unique premium USA designed Gel based memory foam mattress – Magenta Frozigel.

Magenta Frizogel is a 10” (inch) Gel Memory Foam based mattress crafted using Cool-Touch technology. A premium mattress designed and crafted to tackle all major sleep problems arising using a cheap quality mattress. It offers the right blend of cool refreshing sleep, health care and long lasting life. Let’s have a quick look why Magenta Frizogel is preferred by sound sleep lovers.

Frizogel Benefits :- 

  1. Cool Night Sleep
    Magenta Frizogel is a premium mattress crafted using Gel-infused Cool-Touch memory foam. An average cheap mattress is made using cheap foam which transmits heat, hence, gives you an uncomfortable sleep during night. Magenta gel memory foam mattress cools down the mattress temperature and gives a cool cozy night sleep.
  1. Long Lasting Breathable Freshness
    Magenta Frizogel is made using premium memory foam infused with Gel. The mattress is crafted to drain out body heat leaving a cool breathable surface for a soothing sleep. The structure of mattress is such that it enables better airflow across keeping the mattress fresh for long time.
  1. Balanced Support
    Magenta Frizogel’s Gel based memory foam molds to your body releasing pressure points and supporting your body where you need it most. Unlike spring based or other extra soft mattresses, it won’t let you sink in rather just keep you floating just perfect for your body.
  1. No Motion Disturbance
    When your partner tosses and turns around, Magenta Frizogel won’t allow your sleep to get disturbed.It offers a relaxed body shaping surface which resists further transfer of all motions on bed. A sound sleep sans disturbance is what you deserve. We have carefully packed this luxury in our gel memory foam mattress.
  1. Pressure Reliving
    Your body has multiple pressure points in shoulder, back and hip areas. An improper mattress does not release pressure from these points giving you back or hip ache during morning. For a deep and uninterrupted sleep, it is important that excessive pressure is released from these critical areas. Magenta Frizogel gently cradles your body shape and relieves pressure based on your weight adding up to a sound refreshing night sleep. 
  1. Environment Friendly
    Magenta Frizogel is made with CertiPUR-US certified gel memory foam. This makes the mattress free from harmful chemicals. The mattress does not contain toxic substance or releases hazardous fumes harmful for your skin, body and environment. Unlike other ‘cooling’ mattresses, Magenta Frizogel does not use cooling agents or chemicals. It is purely made from safe gel particles keeping you comfortable all night.
  1. Suitable for All
    Sleep requirements varies with different age groups of people. Whether an infant or an old age user, Magenta Frizogel is designed to accommodate sleep requirement of all age of users. Its gel memory foam is adaptive to more than 100 types of sleep patterns and requirements. No more specific mattress hunt for different members of your family. Get Magenta Frizogel, one Mattress that is fit for all.

Magenta is dedicated to offer genuine premium quality mattresses. With an uncompromised approach in crafting each mattress, all aspects are thoroughly designed retaining the health and sound sleep experience for users.  For more details, please visit :-