Sleep Debt is Serious. Repay it at Earliest.

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If we all would have to pay a fine for an inadequate sleep, then we all would have surely become bankrupts. Sleep is the most underrated and ignored necessity. The irony is that we assign residual hours for sleep on the one hand and get hyper reactive to fix resultant ailments on the other. Almost every second individual is having a sleep debt to be repaid off. A person with inadequate sleep has symptoms like short temper, laziness, inactive, headache, low concentration, etc. the phenomenon of sleep debt is applicable to any individual of any age from an infant to a full grown adult.

Medical practitioners recommend that an average adult needs sleep of 8 hours in a day. Considering today’s aspiration lifestyle an average individual is taking a sleep of less than 8 hours. To understand one week’s sleep debt, calculate the number of sleep hours you should be ideally getting in a day. Subtract from it the amount of sleep you actually get. Multiply the resultant hours into 7 days. Now figure you get is the total hours of sleep debt you have incurred for a week. These hours goes on adding week after week and month after month. This deteriorates your health in the longer run. The question comes is how to repay this debt. The only solution is sleeping itself. Let’s take a quick look on how to repay your debt before it gets serious.

Avoid Sleep Debt

The most primary way to repay sleep debt is to avoid it. Start sleep early during night. If avoidable, do not become a night owl. Respect your sleep the way you respect your breakfast and entertainment.

Take your weekend sleep seriously

Weekend or a weekday holiday is the only time when you can cover up your lost sleep. Do not lose this time. Plan your weekend in a way that your night sleep is not compromised. Your body knows that you have a sleep to cover up. Respect your body needs and obey its call.

Overcome all Sleep Distractions

Keep all distractions away. Anything which disturbs your night sleep needs to be overcome. Kids can sleep separately. Cover all light sources. Use ear plugs and sleep blindfolds. Do all that is required to protect your weekend sleep? You got a debt to cover up.

Start a Disciplined Sleep Routine

Get a disciplined sleep routine in terms of sleeping time. Adjust your sleeping and waking up time so that they cover your required amount of sleep. Late night parties or movies are Ok once in a while. But disciplined routine must be practiced. Start sleeping early. Cover-up your sleep deprivation at the earliest.

Unplug your Night

Break your engagements with all electronics devices with blue screens. Indulge in some light activities like reading or spending time with your family. Get a smooth landing in bed. This will help you to get sleep faster.

Split Sleep into two Parts

If your profession permits, divide your sleep into two parts – noon siesta and night sleep. This will settle your sleep score and nothing will be carried forward!

Change your Mattress

Your sleep deprivation need not be an outcome of your routine, but also the mattress you use. Despite your sleeping adequately, you wake up lousy, then probably your mental faculties were still active. To have a sound sleep, consider changing your mattress as well.

According to a recent study; more than 90 percent of Indians are sleep-deprived. There are around 80 well recognized sleep disorders out of which Sleep Apnea and Insomnia are the major ones. Despite of being directly linked to Obesity, Hypertension, BP, Diabetes, Memory Loss, a sleep disorder is the most neglected ailment amongst us.

Start your Monday routine with all regained vigor and renewed energy. Repay your weekly debt of sleep. Prioritize your sleep quantity and quality.

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